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We feel the most important decision a provider must make administratively, is who they entrust to manage their billing...So why Boston Billing Solutions?

Superior Web-Based Software - A billing service is only as strong as the software they utilize. We utilize AdvancedMD the industry leader in medical billing software. Our high-powered, yet easy to use system is continuously updated to meet regulatory compliance such as meaningful use, ANSI 5010, and ICD-10.

Electronic Claims as well as Electronic Remittance allow us to effortlessly submit claims and receive remittances in real-time, ensuring a faster process and Electronic Claims as well as Electronic Remittance better cash flow. Most billing services only electronically submit claims, but Boston Billing is setup to electronically receive remittance advices (called ERA) as well. With ERA, we receive an electronic EOB that can be reviewed in the system and automatically post your payments. Automatic posting improves accuracy, and results in rapid patient statement processing. There is no need to wait for the paper EOB to arrive in the mail AND NO NEED FOR YOU TO SEND US YOUR PAPER EOBS!

Free Powerful Web-Based Software for Your Office Included on Every Plan Level! We offer all of our clients a powerful and flexible web-based front-end office "software". We can even integrate your office and ours, eliminating the need for you to fax/mail us your data. (Using our software is completely optional. If you prefer to send us your information manually, feel free!) Customized online charge slips (superbills) allow providers to utilize a "point-and-click" screen that has the appearance of the paper charge slip. Online charge slips can be used on any office computer, PocketPC or tablet PC to reduce costly errors and data entry time.

Incredible Claims Tracking Tools for sky-high productivity. Our Denial tracking makes tracking and resolving denied claims straightforward and effective. BBS provides you with a report of outstanding claims. Does your billing service?

Outstanding Claim-Scrubbing TechnologyOutstanding Claim-Scrubbing Technology - Our new Claim Inspector scrubs claims according to carrier-specific rules for major carriers and government agencies before the claim is submitted. It includes more than 400,000 edits for carrier-specific problems. All this makes for more efficient editing prior to submission, which means fewer denials.

Our web-based program even offers you a high-powered optional office scheduler that you can use at the time of check-in, or for recalls, etc.

You can even scan and store documents, including insurance cards!

Minimize Your IT Stress - we perform your backups, maintain your database server, and install your upgrades-and you get access to your system anytime, anywhere.

Our Web-based model lets you easily access your updated information anywhere you can get on the Internet - home, another office or on the road.

All of these rich, flexible features are yours to use (if you choose) at no additional cost!

Here is just a sampling of the services
Boston Billing Provides:

The benefits of having your claims processed electronically by Boston Billing Solutions, Inc. are staggering. Some of which include:

Practice Management

  • Paperless Office
  • Centralized Billing Office
  • Medical Coding
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Security and Compliance
  • Performance Dashboard

Revenue Cycle Management

  • eEligibility
  • Online Charge Slips and Codes
  • Claims Processing
  • A/R Reporting
  • eRemittance
  • eStatements
  • Un-matched Clean Claim Rate
  • Best Practices Benchmarking

Electronic Health Record

  • Specialty Based Documentation
  • Embedded E&M Coding
  • Continuity of Core Protocols
  • Interoperability
  • Quality Reporting
  • Patient Access Portal
  • Mobile Access
  • ePrescribing

Other Services

  • Authorization Services
  • Recalls
  • Practice Consulting

Boston Billing Solutions – State-of-the-art-technology with a commitment to excellence.